Thursday, June 28, 2012

Welcomed Mat

We’re on our first full day of our Maui vacation. Beni and I are here—sans children—to commemorate our ten-year anniversary. One of the goals we set during our honeymoon in Hawaii was to get back to the islands a decade into our marriage. (Note to self: Make more of these paradise-based goals.)

We discovered that a hotel by ours was offering a community sunset yoga class this evening. We grabbed our mats—bath towels, actually—and some real estate in the crowded community room overlooking the horizon. The overcrowded space and air temperatures meant we were doing hot yoga, but the live music, inspirational instructors, and soul-nourishing views of the fading sun made it easy to see past—after I wiped the sweat from my eyes with my towel-mat, of course—the discomfort of profusely sweating through my shirt and shorts.

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